To see my gallery of cakes, cookies and other goodies, please click the link below. Also check out the testimonials page and of course the products page.

(this was my previous business name)

Welcome to Delia's Desserts!

This site contains descriptions of most of my products with photographs and a link to my gallery of decorated cakes and cookies as well as recent testimonials.


I have been specializing in Wedding, Birthday and Shower Cakes since 1982 and have created a process of stenciling complex designs, logos and pictures onto cakes using hand-cut waxed paper stencils. My cakes also feature hand-painted scenes and the use of cookies to create everything from cello necks to windsurf boards, sails and basketball hoops. Many of my cakes are 3 dimensional creations representing familiar things such as a Rubik's cube, Amaretto Bottle, SF Giants cap, 45 RPM record, Creme Brulee and a Yo-Yo. I can recreate almost anything on or as a cake!

PLEASE NOTE: Delia's Desserts is NOT a registered business at this time. Cakes displayed are ones done for friends and acquaintances. I'm sorry but I am not able to take orders via this website.